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  Sang - Freud
 Metal band newly reformed with original members Bill Fish and Jonathan Lisinski. This is heavy music.
Last Updated: 3rd September 2009
Sang - Freud - In Action
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Sang - Freud live @ the Reverb, Toronto
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Sang - Freud is the shock metal band from Southern Ontario. Formed in 1995 they performed accross southern Ontario to extremely enthusiastic crowds right through to 1998. However, ever-changing lineups and financial constrainsts forced them to disband. Lead guitarist Jonathan Lisinski concentrated on completing his degree in philosophy and music. Vocalist Bill Fish meanwhile was married and began working on his solo project \"GreenFish\". Thankfully for all of us (you included!!) in 2002 Fish and Lisinski reformed Sang - Freud and began putting together their CD, Raw and Vicious. Since then they have been hard at work putting together a new lineup and are once again touring Southern Ontario. The following write-up about Sang - Freud is taken from the Wednesday, February 23/05 edition of The Fergus-Elora NewsExpress newspaper: \"Sang - Freud will appeal to hard rockers who have an ear for thrash-metal, a type of rock music that is aggressive, loud and guitar-driven. Their CD \'Raw and Vicious\' features such titles as \'Futurekill\' and \'Falce Face\'. Its dark theme is layered with ironic overtones.....\'We\'re killing the future for our own benefit,\' said guitarist Jonathan Lisinski. \'We deal [in our songs] with the end of the world, the idea that we\'re heading towards disaster and that things must change.\" Lies and deception are the subject matter of \'False Face\'. \'Politicians, like Bush,\' said Lisinski, \'give us misinformation, but it could be that their advisors have lied to him. It\'s a chain of deception that goes on and on\'.... Sang - Freud is a name that holds many layers of meaning: a pun on the French \'sangfoid\', or \'cold-blooded\', but a phrase that also means \"self-posesseion in times of touble\'.... \" Sang - Freud are decidedly NOT \"nu-metal\". They are whole heartedly NEW Metal and are planning to enter the studio to record new material in Spring 2005
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